A Regular Day
in the Life of an Adult Baby


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The ideal constellation for a consequent adult baby training would be that this is done full time; 24 hours each day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; permanently and always! So that the Mommy can concentrate on the training, she would have at least one maid taking care of the household. Of course, the Mommy deserves spare time, time for herself, and time for her hobbies. Therefore, also a Nanny would occasionally support her with the babyfication, be babysitter, when Mommy attends some social events or is absent for another reason, or even take over entirely for a longer period of time, when Mommy for instance needs a vacation without her baby. While baby full time is a baby girl, Mommy also has other needs, which must be honoured.

In most cases though, already from the financial point of view, this is not realistic. It is most likely that baby has a job and is responsible for a regular income. Mommy might also be working. Perhaps she takes care of the household; perhaps this is split among the two of them. Anyway, in this chapter a normal day is described, when the baby goes out for work and Mommy stays at home for the according duties. Same as specified in the guide, a grown-up man is trained to be a little baby girl.

First thing in the morning, Mommy checks if baby still has her pacifier in the mouth. If this is the case, she praises baby for being such a good little girl. If not, she tells her darling to make an according effort. Next she checks the diapers. It is expected, that they are wet. Praising in general is very important, and must be given for every action the trainee lost or gave up some grown-up behaviour, and for everything, which is done in a baby-like manner.

Mommy hugs baby, caresses her, and kisses her tenderly (of course not on the mouth, which still suckles on the dummy). This may be done in an erotic way; it is desired that baby is sexually stimulated. Anyway, orgasms are to be prevented. Therefore an adult baby should securely be locked into a chastity device. This must be worn permanently, even if for the periods of time, when the training is interrupted.

Now baby will be breast-fed. She gets each of Mommy's tits at least five minutes. While baby suckles the boobs, Mommy talks to her little darling, using baby-talk, according names and expressions, and praises her. At the same time, she may caress the cheeks of baby. Next, if Mommy desires, baby must lick her to orgasm. After that, the pacifier goes back to her mouth.

Since baby has a job and will soon go to work, it is time to prepare her accordingly. The diaper is removed, and to avoid soiling during the day, an enema empties her bowel. Afterwards, baby is allowed to take a shower, only wearing the chastity device (and with pacifier). In the meantime, Mommy prepares breakfast, perhaps some porridge or other baby-food, and she warms milk.

When baby is clean and dried herself, she goes back on the diaper changing table. Mommy thoroughly powders the genitals (as good as the chastity device allows) and the anus. Then she puts her infant child into a fresh diaper. For additional sealing, plastic pants are worn above. This now bears the risk, that when baby is out of the house, she uses a toilet, removes the diapers just to reapply them afterwards. This is exactly, what we do not want! Therefore, baby additionally will wear a silk romper with a zipper at the back. Such a romper can easily be modified, that it can be locked with a small padlock.

Anyway, before the romper goes on, Mommy has baby wear a garter belt or an open bottom girdle over the plastic pants. Stockings are attached to the straps. The reason for this is obvious. When she follows her job, camouflaged as man, she nevertheless is a female infant. Therefore, we must have her wear some definitely feminine underwear, to remind her of that fact during the day. But there is more to it; read about that later!

Now it is time to feed the baby. First a plastic bib with crumb tray is brought in place. We don't want the nice romper to get dirty. She is bottle fed, and on the high chair mommy spoon feds her little darling with the soft baby food, which hardly needs any chewing. Also here baby must be praised; first, for properly sucking on the bottle, then for finishing it. After each swallowed spoonful, she can be told, what a good girl she is. Mommy might also like to comment the whole feeding process. Anyway, the trainee now really is a baby, and this, for a grown-up person humiliating situation, is reality. The food contains a
lot of moisture, which later will help her wet the nappies. Nevertheless, Mommy might additionally let her drink one or two glasses of water. After feeding time is over, the pacifier goes back to the mouth.

Finally, baby is being dressed in her street or working clothes. Depending on the profession, a shirt, trousers, perhaps even a suit goes over the plastic covered diaper, the romper and the lingerie. Mommy hugs her baby in disguise, brings her lips close to an ear, and, while she searches and finds one of the suspender tips with her fingers, she whispers: "I expect my little darling to play with theses during the day. This will remind baby of Mommy." In fact, the plastic knobs in the clasps somehow feel like hard nipples.

Mommy removes the pacifier and puts it into the pocket of a piece of clothing, ideally of the jacket. An intense hug, encouraging words to be a good girl, perhaps some touching in sensitive places to arouse baby, and a last smack on baby's diapered bottom, then baby is out of observation.

At work, she will try not to be discovered wearing nappies, a romper, stockings and even a chastity device. She cannot help touching the suspender tips with her fingers, and she is ashamed. And when she wets her diaper, this effect will be increased even more. Even though out of the house, she remains under control. That is essential for an adult baby training!

Mommy on the other hand, has the freedom to do whatever she likes. She might go back to bed to get some additional sleep, or she might start with the housework. During the week it should not be necessary to restock food or diapers. This will be done on Saturday, when baby is present and can be showed up in front of the shop assistants. Highest priority has the continuation of the baby training in the evening. Perhaps a few things must be prepared, especially if Mommy is not at home, when baby arrives from work. Read about that on the next page...

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